There are 39 photo albums.

Flower Festival 2019
Photos of the arrangements and activities at the July 2019 'Let There Be Light' flower festival

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Collation and Induction 2019
Anna Eltringham's Collation and Induction as Team Rector of the Oxted Team Ministry at St Peter's Church, Tandridge - 30 June 2019

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Rogation Walk June 2019
Photos from the walk around the Oxted Team churches

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Mary Seller's celebrations
25th Anniversary of Mary Seller's ordination - 26 May 2019

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Church Barbecue 2017
Annual church barbecue in the vicarage garden

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The Big Clean 2017
Photos of most of the work (with workers!) which was undertaken during the 'Big Clean' of the church from 30 March to 1 April 2017

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Candlemas Dinner 2017
Photos of the evening

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Uplift Youth Group - 20/11/16
Photos of the puzzle evening

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Uplift Youth Group - 6/11/16
Photos of the group's 'art for all' evening

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Party on the Green
Celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday, 12 June 2016

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Church Barbecue 2016
Barbecue in Vicarage garden, September 2016

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Uplift Youth Group - 17 April
Lambing 'Live'

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Uplift baking sessions
Photos of the Uplift youth group in baking mode

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Jingle All the Way
Rise Theatre's 6/12/15 performance of Jingle All the Way

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Richard Durrant Concert
27 November 2015

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Make, Do & BBQ: Fire!
21 November 2015

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Creation evening - November 2015
14 November 2016

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2015-06-28 St Johns Summer BBQ
St. John's Hurst Green with St. George's Crowhurst summer barbecue at St. John's vicarage

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Make, Do & BBQ: Light - 6 June 2015
Photos of this youth event

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Summer Opera Gala 2015
Photos of May 2015 opera concert

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Rogation Sunday 2015
Photos of pilgrimage and barbecue at St George's

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Candlemas Dinner 2015
Photos taken at the dinner

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Make, Do & BBQ - Advent 2014
Photos of this event

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2014-11-09 Remembrance Service
Remembrance Service at St. John's Hurst Green, 9 Nov 2014

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Oxted Team Inaug - 5 Nov 2014
Oxted Team Ministry Inauguration - 5 November 2014

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Variety Concert - 25 October 2014
Photos of church variety concert

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Make, Do and BBQ - July 2014
Photos of youth event on 26 July 2014

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Church barbecue 2014
June 2014

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Anna Eltringham's licensing
Revd Anna Eltringham's licensing service - 25 January 2014

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WWI Battlefields Trip
Photos of church members' trip to Belgium on 21 June 2014

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Centenary Celebrations
Centenary Celebrations

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David Butlin's farewell party
Saturday 15 September 2012

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Tapiwa Sherewe visit
Tapiwa Sherewe visit

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Fire and Restoration
On Good Friday 1988, the entire roof and interior of the church were destroyed by fire resulting from arson. A two year re-building programme ensued which also included some re-ordering of the interior. The rood screen was removed and now forms the wall of the choir vestry in the north transept. The large wooden cross from the top of the screen was placed on the wall beneath the east window. The high altar was moved to the centre of the sanctuary, and the choir stalls were re-positioned along the east wall. The aisles and entire chancel were carpeted, the old pipe organ was replaced by a 3-manual electronic instrument, and two new meeting rooms were created in the tower. The restored church was re-dedicated on Easter Day 1990.

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Church Windows
The beautifully decorated stained glass windows of St John's Church Hurst Green.

The large east window shows the risen Christ in glory, flanked on one side, by the Virgin Mary, and on the other, by St John the Evangelist.

The fine circular rose window in the west wall in stained glass, with panels depicting themes connected with the patron saint, St John the Evangelist.

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Wild Flower Garden
The churchyard of St John's, like so many others, was derived from ancient meadowland. It was a delight to discover some years ago, a purple spotted orchid in bloom there.

In 1997, the Parochial Church Council decided to designate that region of the churchyard a conservation area. The aim was to protect the orchid and also to introduce and encourage other wild plant species.

A variety of grasses and colourful wild flowers flourish including, violets, primroses, fritillaries, cowslips, ox-eye daisies and red campion, in addition to our orchid which produced two flower spikes. Then for the first time in 2013 we had a new baby orchid with one flower spike. Now in June 2014 there are 5 flower spikes as a new plant has appeared giving another 2 small spikes!

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Garden of Remembrance
A Garden of Remembrance lies to the right of the drive.

There, the cremated remains of parishioners are buried, each plot being marked by a small square memorial stone. Fresh flowers, not artificial, can be placed on the stones, and this provides a focus for people to remember their departed loved ones.

Seats are placed around the Garden so that people may also pause and reflect.

Many like to sit and enjoy the beauty and peace of the surroundings

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Rose Garden
There has been a rose garden here for a very long time.

Roses have been donated over the years and the garden lovingly tended to produce a beautiful, much admired display throughout the summer and autumn months.

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York Rooms Building Programme
With house building continuing unabated in the village: there are now over 2000 dwellings. St John's was once more becoming too small for the use demanded of it. Plans were made for another extension, this time on the north side to provide a large room capable of division into three smaller rooms, for activities in addition to worship. Planning permission was obtained, the Architect's plans were completed and detailed specifications prepared. Fund raising took off in earnest and many community events were enjoyed for this purpose. It has been an exciting time for us at St John's.
Work started in May 2009 and on 21st March 2010 The York Rooms were opened and dedicated by Nicholas, Bishop of Croydon.

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